Story of 3739

by Monique Escuela
June 6, 2020

Sex Filled Culver City Street

3739 Overland, Culver City. Chippendales. The club building was constructed in 1975 and then sold to a Mobil gas station owner in 1977 who ran it as a backgammon club for 2 years before becoming Chippendales. Banerjee was that Mobil station owner who came up with the concept of Chippendales after trying a series of different off night theatrics like female mud wrestling. A shady character from the Playboy mansion named Paul Snider gave Banerjee the idea of taking a Vancouver, Canada promotion of male stripping a try. When a talented producer named Nick De Noia bumped up the presentation with a show and a song – Banerjee added the marketing elements of the cuffs and collar borrowing from Playboy’s trademark to make Chippendales an iconic brand for women. After Chippendales was closed in 1988 for repeated violations of overcrowding and discrimination the property was eventually turned into a children’s day school. Then later it became an adult learning center. The characteristic faux tower over the door entrance is still there to this date as well as the building where Banerjee’s ghost still lives.